Dan Hubbard

In a nearly 15-year career as a singer-songwriter Dan Hubbard has released 7 studio albums, toured extensively throughout the United States, and shared the stage with countless national acts, including Martin Sexton, Andrew Combs, and Nikka Costa. Influenced by the likes of Tom Petty, Hubbard’s music has been acclaimed as “beautiful, powerful, and often seemingly effortless.” (Independent Clauses) 

Hubbard—an Illinois Native and the youngest of three boys—credits his brother D.J. with inspiring him to write. “He played me these songs he had written while he was off at college, and I was blown away. Seeing his talent made me believe I might have it in me too.” he says. At age nine, Hubbard’s other brother, Erik, died from brain cancer when he was just 12. By 15, Dan discovered guitar as an outlet. “It became a way for me to properly mourn him, and heal.” After graduating from Illinois State University, Hubbard knew he wanted to pursue music, and he’s been honing his craft ever since. 

Dan’s 2021 release, a 5-song EP titled Fall in Love Again (Quarantine Lullabies), is the product of a year spent mostly in quarantine with his family as they navigated the fear and uncertainty of the global pandemic. For Hubbard the album also marked a return to his recording roots. “When I first started making records almost 20 years ago, I recorded them myself wherever I could - my parents basement, or whatever house or apartment I was living in,” says Hubbard. Since 2008, however, he has opted for the bigger studio/producer experience, even venturing to Nashville in 2016 to record his self-titled release Dan Hubbard with acclaimed producer and 3-time Grammy Nominee Ken Coomer. In quarantine, Dan saw an opportunity to rediscover his passion for music by stripping everything down.   

“I recorded every note using only my phone; no external mics. It was the most carefree, enjoyable recording experience I’ve had since I was 19,” says Hubbard. Apart from the advances in technology, recording at home 20 years later came with one other big difference...well, 4 big differences...a wife and three kids. “Rather than going off on my own and asking them to be quiet all the time, it made more sense to include them and make it a family project. It goes without saying that it made the process more meaningful and fun, but it also completely works with the subject matter,” Dan continued. “I will never forget the five of us gathered around the kitchen counter discussing the cover art and what this album would be.”  

Fall in Love Again is currently available on all digital platforms.


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