I'm Still Here

by The Hubbards

Released 2005
Released 2005
Roots rock from the midwest. The Hubbards are fans of the great rock songwriters and draw upon those influences to create something new yet familiar.
From Openingbands.com:
The Hubbards are best served chilled or on ice. Take one part each: Tom Petty, Wilco, Lyle Lovett and garnish with a dash of a Stevie Ray vibe on leads. Serve shaken not stirred. So right now I'm sitting in my Las Vegas hotel in a drunken stupor. I'm not sure that there is going to be any coherent worthwhile thought involved in this review but, I'm going to do my best. About fifteen minutes ago down at the tables I tried to light a cigarette with the wrong end of a match. All night while I'm sitting there pounding away at my white Russians and throwing away my money at the dealers I'm humming the lead lick from "2 Shots of Moving On." This is important to note, it takes a special lick to get stuck rattling around in the old noggin, and The Hubbards, well, they are in my head man.

While I think the song composition on this album is fabulous, the backbone of this album is the lyrical content, which is beautiful, strong, and heartfelt. The vocals of Dan Hubbard are genuine and believable, as I trucked through this album I felt like I got to know The Hubbards, they are my kind of people, sitting right next to me at the bar, with beers in hand and we're talking old times. Almost gives me a tear thinking about it.

As far as vocalists go, my personal vocal hero is Gary Louris from The Jayhawks, the hand of God has touched that soul and there are a few times I hear the essence of Gary coming through on the vocal tracks. In terms of singing, this is the highest compliment I know to give. I totally want to give The Hubbards a high-five.

Song to song there is a coherence that not many bands can pull together on an album, the flow in style and structure, the lyrics push and pull, and the final product is a bowl of Jello post refrigeration that jiggles when you poke it.. The first time or two that I jammed this album out, I was thinking to myself that some of the songs in the middle drag on a little bit too long, and don't have the power that the album starts and ends with. Now after a dozen or so spins, I think that there are beautiful little nuggets in these songs and they don't take away from the album as a whole it only appears to sound weaker because of the strength of the songs on the bookends.

There is a super secret Christmas song on this album that is tacked on to the end of the last song of the album. I racked my brain to try and figure out why they didn't just throw another song on the album, my best guess is because it's a seasonal song. I find it to be a great song and a really touching reflection on the youthful Christmas adoration. I suspect that it might have been thrown in there as an afterthought, or maybe to make someone's mom happy, well I can say that it did make my mom happy. It is a very pretty song, and let me just say, if I was Dan I would totally kick my brother's ass for ripping off the arms of Mossman.

The first couple times I heard "2 Shots of Moving On," I was sitting there thinking, this is the perfect song to listen when the old ball and chain finally throws my ass out. I mean its not that I'm hoping she throws me out or anything, but, if she does, I'm just saying.